Most gourmet mushroom farmers use single use plastic bags in which they grow their mushrroms. The Mushroomery spent a few years collecting 20L buckets destined for land fill to grow their mushrooms in. The buckets do the same trick as bags creating a humid sweaty environment, which the mushrooms love. The biggest job at The Mushroomery is cleaning and sterilizing buckets, but we think this is a important step in cutting down single use plastic in our world. If you ever come across a business sending a lot of 20L buckets to land fill don't hesitate to contact us and send them our way. We do need the lids too so keep that in mind.

We are also capturing rainwater for our farm from our epic shed roof. We recycle as much of the water that we can into the gardens on site. We hope that in the future we will have enough income that we will also be able to invest in solar panels to power our farm.

Mushroom farming is an intensive type of farming but by using the above techniques we hope the minimize our impact on the environment.

We also hope that by sharing our mushroom mulch with the community we are helping to rejuvenate soils within our community. Mycelium has plenty of beneficial properties that can boost the soil's profile. By selling this beautiful mulch we can help justify the costs of washing our buckets.

We have a keen interest in localising the food system to create food security within the community for the future. We hope that by being local and present in the community we are a visual marker of where our food comes from and how it grows. We hope to run courses and tours in the future to help teach the community about the magical world of mushrooms.

Our dream is to build up our farm to the point that our inputs and outputs have very minimal effect on the environment.