The Mushroomery

Yes we do take volunteers!

Unfortunately Mushroom farming isn’t nearly as glamorous as it looks. It’s a hell of a lot of Hard Yakka. At a random estimate mushroom farming is almost 80% washing so get your gloves ready!

To get a little understanding of our limitations on volunteers. Spores are the mushroom world's equivalent of weeds to the plant world. They live in the air around us and are so microscopic we can't even see them. We breath in roughly 10 different types of spores in every breath we take. We are basically covered in them. So when it comes to our fruiting chamber, incubation chamber and inoculation chamber we have to minimise the amount of outside spores that enter. This also means minimizing the people that go into these rooms and the spores that surround them. So when it comes to volunteers unfortunately we can only work on jobs outside of the containers.

When volunteering at The Mushroomery you will be emptying colonized mulch out of buckets. This involves rolling buckets then gently slamming the bundles of colonized mulch out. It's super satisfying when they come out in one piece! You will also spend time pressure washing with a high pressure hose. Just lovely on a warm day. Also fun for those who enjoy wilding high pressure equipment! Plus you could spend hours lovingly scrubbing buckets till they are sparkling once more.

If you're keen to come do some Hard Yakka weights and test your mental endurance for repetitive tasks in bucket land, please e-mail us at You mad thing you!